Wednesday, December 28, 2011

11 in '11 {Take Two}

If you read my post yesterday, then you will see that I had this great list for this linky party, went to publish it, and it got erased. It's okay, I'm over it now... :) Anyway, I thought that I would take a little bit of time this morning to give it another shot since Blogger seems back to normal over here! All of this to say, thank you Kristin and Hadar for hosting this super fun Linky Party!!

11. Favorite movie you watched: 
My old stand by! I love everything about this movie, every year. "Don't you just love New York in the Fall? It makes me want to buy school supplies, I would send you a bouquet of newly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address..." Ahh just so wonderful. :)

10. Favorite TV series:
Oh! Top Chef Texas! I actually don't watch much TV but My DVR is eagerly set for every Wednesday night. (I start getting excited Wednesday morning!!)

9. Favorite restaurant:
Tsunami, it's a sushi restarurant that you can find in a couple of cities here in SC. It's so wonderful and I went too many times this year! I swear the bank would call and think someone stole my card if I stopped going. :)

8. Favorite new thing you tried:
Being a puppy mom! Let me tell you guys, raising a puppy is no walk in the park. You lose shoes, dish rags, anything and everything. It is truly like having a toddler dropped into your house! I now think everyone should have a puppy before having a child. I don't have kids yet but this has given me a taste into what it will be like. However, I don't think that I will ever have to go stand out in the rain, at night, in the cold, for my kid to poop. I'm sure someday I'll be proved wrong? :)  However, I wouldn't trade Cooper for the world. He is a precious little guy that I don't (usually) mind standing in the rain for, he's the perfect first child.

Don't worry, I'll hang out on the new curtains.

7. Favorite gift you got:
Pre-Christmas: An Otter Box for my phone. {One of best friends gave me this, I thought it would be too bulky, but I needed to trade super cute for practical cute, it's been such a great change!}
Post-Christmas: A new Macbook Pro {I just feel incredibly blessed to have received this from my parents. If I could afford it, I would buy one for every teacher that reads this! You all deserve one of these.}

6. Favorite thing you pinned:
Goodness this is hard, as you all know, there is so much wonderfulness in the world of Pinterest. The one pin that has had me thinking and wondering if I'll want to implement in my classroom next year is from Kristen at Ladybug's Teacher Files! It's a pin linking to her fabulous post about removing her teacher desk from her classroom and using alternative methods. I just love this idea!

5. Favorite blog post:
I'm such a new blogger that I don't know if I have one yet! I guess I will go with my recent Summarizing Strategies Post. I feel like I was finally able to share something useful!

4. Best accomplishment:
Finishing all undergrad classes and beginning student teaching!
Also becoming a puppy mom {Hes still alive! We've made it this far! Hah!}

3. Favorite picture:

Let me describe this picture a little bit. Last January we got A. LOT. of snow in South Carolina. Usually a flurry is a lot of snow in South Carolina, but no no...this was like 5 to 6 inches. This was big deal in these parts. :) Because we don't get much snow I didn't have a sled (or even a good trash can lid) to use. Being the mature adult that I am I was determined to get some friends together and sled. The closest thing that we could find were these pool floats, made of "super heavy duty plastic" right? Wrong. This picture is me landing after the initial run, on a popped, very flat, pool float. (Note the jagged ice in the picture.) But don't worry! Some unsuspecting kids left their sleds outside right where we were sledding. We nicely asked the kids permission grabbed them as soon as they stepped foot inside and had just enough fun. Yep. Future teacher right here.

2. Favorite memory:
My brother getting married! I wasn't there, because he got married overseas in New Zealand on a 2 week leave from his overseas job.  However, I set him and his wife up, so I was super excited when they tied the knot! Long story short, the day I met her through a mutual friend I told her she needed to meet my brother, and a little over a year later they were married. Trust me, I am no match maker, this was a God thing.
I don't know how they feel about making an appearance in blog world so please enjoy this super cute picture taken on their honeymoon. :)

1. Goal for 2012:
I'm sure you all can guess!!


Student Teaching!! 
{Oh yeah, and finding a job, small potatoes right..?} :)

Also, to simply treat others the way I want to be treated. Mostly for me that means even the way I'm thinking about a situation or person on the inside sometimes.

Hope you all enjoy the last few days of 2011! 


A Teacher's Treasure said...

yey you did it!!!
I have no doubt you'll find a job quickly! You are very talented! The blogging community would be happy to write you a letter of recommendation :)

I cannot live without my MacBook Pro! It's my life line! Enjoy it!

Also, I have a New Year Resolution linky party & a survey on my blog that I would really love your feedback on. Please stop by and give me your opinion.


❤ Mor Zrihen ❤
A Teacher's Treasure

Hadar said...

Love your list! Thanks for linking up again...stinkin' blogger! Good luck with your student teaching!!

Tara said...

Ahhhhh! I read everyone's 11 in 11 and then I remember....Oh yeah! I love that movie or show too!! Love You've Got Mail. Would totally love to have that perfect little children's book store!!! Good luck with your student teaching...I just found out I am getting a student teacher as soon as I get back!!

4th Grade Frolics

Lindsay said...

OMG the sledding story is so funny!!! Way to go with finishing student teaching. You will be a great teacher.

My Life as a Fifth Grade Teacher

Holly said...

Love your list - You've Got Mail is my ALL TIME FAVORITE movie and I can't believe I don't own it. Hubby and I met online {in a chatroom - when AOL chatrooms were the thing} of our conversations was about who we would want to play us in a movie...he said Tom Hanks because everybody says they look alike and I said Meg Ryan because I love her personality. Then this movie came out- we were beside ourselves because it was "our story" with "our characters"...crazy, eh? your sledding story too. Too cute! :)

Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

Barbara said...

Great post! Is Cooper a cavalier? I can't get over how cute he is. We think Max might have some cavalier in him:) take care.

Grade ONEderful

Erika said...

Cardboard makes a great sled for future reference. I love your blog and have no doubt you'll get a job (unless it's an idiot who is doing the hiring!) :)
2B Honey Bunch

Kristin said...

Thanks for linking up!
I love my Macbook Pro - so happy for you and what great parents you have!!!!!
Love the snow pic and the honeymoon pic. Too cute!
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Kristin said...

Oh! I forgot to say that You've Got Mail is in my top 5 favorite movies. The hubs and I watch it all the time. It's a go-to movie when nothing else is on. We can quote it, too!!! "F-O-X" and "Kathleen Kelly" and "Just call me Joe"
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Stacy said... are just SO CUTE!! I am totally in agreeance (is that a WORD?) with you on the movie AND wine. Since Bloggy friends cant really just meet up at the drop of the hat maybe one of us picks the movie, the other the wine and we do it at the same time?? Then...BLOG about it?? LOL

Seriously, though...the week is SADLY winding down.

ohh, and don't you worry about the job. YOU are awesome and you will get one ASAP.

2nd Grade Paradise

Jennifer said...

Glad you reposted this because I had no idea there was a Top Chef Texas! I love cooking shows (my daughter wants to be a chef when she grows up!) but I don't watch much tv - I just dvr the shows I know. So you've now introduced me to a new show and told me which night to look for it on! You rock!

Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

Heather's Heart said...

I love that movie and my mom just got a dog like Cooper! You will get a job and God will put you where He needs you! I am still so impressed that you HAVE a blog already. You are incredible!

Heather's Heart

Kimberly said...

Cooper is adorable! Best wishes for your job search. It will happen! Looking forward to following your blog in 2012.
Funky First Grade Fun

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your blog, Cooper and snow picture. I can related. I live in TX. When it snows, we sled. Someone put their sled out by the trash when they moved from MN. Ha, I dragged it home. My husband thought I was crazy (what's new?) but we have used it a few years - so worth it. I'm your newest follower. Hope you'll drop by my blog.

Patricia said...

I'm passing the Liebster Award on to you! Please visit my blog to find out more about it!

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Sandy said...

Hi Molly! I have also nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award! Thanks for a great blog! ☺

Elisabeth said...

I just nominated you for the Liebster Award! Head over to my site to check it out :)

Twins, Teaching and Tacos.

Ms. Johnston said...

Hi Molly, Hey Sara, I gave you the Leibster Blog Award. Come over to Primary Punch to check it out!!! Such a cute blog you have!

Primary Punch

Staci said...

Seeing that you are getting TONS of Liebster awards, but I gave you the Versatile Blogger Award.

Come check it out :)

Christine said...

I just found your blog and am a new follower! Thanks for sharing! I am sharing the Liebster Award with you! Hop on over to my blog to Pick up the button and get the rules.


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MissSmartiePants said...

Hi Molly,

newest follower here! it really it great to find another student teacher out there!! and i guess we both have the same goal for 2012! good luck with it all :)

Kylie xo