Thursday, December 22, 2011

Summarizing Strategies - Freebie!

I've been using some of my wonderful free time this week to catch up on some reading I've been wanting to do. Today I read all about quick summarizing strategies to use in the classroom such as think, pair, share, etc. I've seen most of these in action but decided to begin to shape some of them a bit for my second graders and make them work for me. I'm just getting started but I want to share what I have so far with all of you!

1. First is a "Let's Talk" Poster that includes four questions to use as summary sentence starters:

2. There are also individual cards with each of these sentences starters to use in a large/small group setting. 

3. Lastly, there are individual cards each with thumbs up/thumbs down symbols for the kiddos to circle at the end of a lesson/activity/any other creative way you can think to use them! There are four different options for this card:

{Click on each Picture to Download}

Let me know if you are able to use anything!  Hope you've been able to get all of your shopping done! :)


Stacy said...

T-Totally usuable! : I teach 2nd grade...these are awesome. What are you reading?

2nd Grade Paradise

Erika said...

Love these. Thanks! Yes, what are you reading? I am reading The Devil's Punchbowl by Greg Iles.
2B Honey Bunch

Kristin said...

These are great!!!! Thank you!!!!
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Elisabeth said...

Thank you so much for listing the credit for where you get your digital poster materials from!!! I have been trying to find free paper, fonts, and clip art for weeks!!!!