Thursday, December 1, 2011

A Pig-ture Perfect Way to Add!

Happy Thursday Everybody! So, have you ever heard of the game, Pass the Pigs?

...I had not until Thanksgiving day, when my sister-in-law brought it over for us all to play! We had a lot of fun, BUT! my teacher brain snapped on and I immediately thought of all the fun ways this game could be played and used in the classroom, especially math!!!

If you've never heard of it, the game comes with cards, and little miniature plastic pigs. The pigs are shaped in a way that makes them land in different ways. To play the game you toss or roll the pigs like you would do with dice. You get a certain amount of points for the different ways your pigs land.  The cards that you have determine how many points each "way of landing" is worth. I've seen different variations of the game since I've looked around online, the cards we used awarded points by fives. (See below if you're a visual learner like me!)

My immediate thought was how much fun this could be to practice addition- especially as a center activity! You could even alter the cards to fit your current addition facts super easily if you needed too! The kiddos could write number sentences each time they roll, could be used to do addition with regrouping - just as with dice, the possibilities are endless!

Who wouldn't want to use a happy mini little pig in place of a dice sometimes?! :) This game can be found on Amazon for as low as $3.60!! Hmm...maybe Classroom Confetti's first giveaway will involve pass the pigs! (I'll file that away with my good idea thoughts!)

Hope you're having a great day, today!


Kristin said...

Ohhhhhh! Fun fun fun! Love this! Thanks for sharing! (and the pigs are cute!)
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

Sara said...

how fun!!! Thanks for sharing!!

P.S. Just found your blog and I'm LOVING it!! I'm your newest follower! :)

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