Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Up and Running and Some Snacking

Hooray for a blog makeover!! A big thank you to Alicia at Dream Like Magic Designs  for a new design that I love and is just what I wanted! (Hopefully y'all think its super cute too so you'll hop on over to Alicia's blog and shop around!)

Now that I feel my blog is officially cute, I'm excited to start posting on a regular basis. I am about a month away from starting full time student teaching and am starting to get nervous/excited/butterflies! I have been in the wonderful 2nd grade classroom that I will be student teaching in since August before school started --  so transitioning into full time teaching should be a smoother ride than if I had to start from scratch and get to know everybody! Hopefully once planning gets in gear for my time of full time student teaching I'll have many more fun ideas (inspired by my amazing cooperating teachers!) that I can begin to share with everyone! Until then...I'm going to share the one fun discovery I have made spending a few full time weeks in the classroom so far. -- This is totally not educational or instruction related, but it's after school snack related which is almost just as important! :) --

So, at the end of the day,  once every little smiling face gets sent in the right direction to head home, you're free from duty and you cross the threshold into your classroom and let out a big exhale... (at least that's what exhausted, trying to hang on, student teacher me does!) and the first thing on your mind (maybe after needing a bathroom break!) is, SNACK! Now if you're like my super self disciplined cooperating teacher, you bring your already prepped sliced apples. If you're like the rest of the teachers heading to meeting(s), you bring Oreos, Doritos, cookies, leftover Halloween candy, and anything else yummy found on the snack aisle. Well after a few days of this, I realized I better find a yummy afternoon snack option that would be a healthier/better way to meet this need and quick! So, in addition to everyone's beloved bag of popped popcorn I have stumbled upon two other great alternatives...
Yes, the Veggie Straws are Whole Food's brand, however they are cheaper than the Oreo's or Doritos!!

Pirate's Booty seems to be getting more popular, I am hearing lots of buzz about it among parents and friends so you should really give it a shot! The white cheddar tastes a lot like natural Cheetos's - just a whole lot better for you! (Best part is they also make it in chocolate for those of us with a sweet tooth!! Haven't tried it yet, but that will be the next!) Also, the bags are resealable, hello good snack to keep in the classroom! Now for the Veggie Straws, I wasn't sure at first and a friend recommended them, and they are actually pretty good! They taste a lot like potato chips and will definitely do the trick for an afternoon snack. These are at least my attempts at trying to eat semi-healthy during that afternoon dip. What do you snack on during this time??

Happy Snacking!! (And Happy Wednesday, two more days!!)