Sunday, November 27, 2011

Musical Addition Freebie!

I'm excited to give away my first freebie! I had to create a few math activities that integrated music. I did these activities with a group of first graders and we had a great time! There is a math number sentence that the kiddos use and fill in while making a musical shaker (out of a paper towel roll, beans and macaroni), there is a basic addition song (to the tune of If You're Happy and You Know it) that integrates the shaker the kids make, and there is a basic number sentence template! The number sentence template is also used with the shakers. -- Everybody grabs a partner and they each shake a certain number of beats with their shaker to make a number sentence that they record on the template. 

Hope someone can get some use out of these few things!!
Click on the picture for link to the freebie!

 Good Luck getting back to the grind tomorrow! (Only 3 weeks until Christmas break!!) :)


Patty said...

Hi Molly, your freebie sounds great! Integrating music and math is a great way to help students learn and retain the math we teach them.
How do we download your freebie? Is there somewhere specific we go?
Thanks a bunch! Your blog looks great!

Classroom Confetti said...

Oh no, I hope the link works!! The Musical Addition Picture was supposed to link to google docs if you click on it! Let me double check it! Thanks for your encouragement!

Stacy said...

Hey Molly,

I am new to blogging too! I also got the Sunshine award from Kristen...isn't she UHHmazzing? I wanna' be like her when I grow up in blog world. Anywaysss....I LOVE your blog and I am going to be following from now on! Where in the world did you get your awesome layout?
2nd Grade Paradise

Stacy said...

ooopps...KristIn...sorry Kristin :(!!

Delighted said...

Integrating math and music is a great idea! Especially since I don't have music at my school. I'm your newest stalker!

First Grade Delight