Monday, November 28, 2011

A Special Ray of Sunshine

I am so honored that Kristin from A Teeny Tiny Teacher would nominate my new blog for the Sunshine Award! Thank you Kristin for taking your time to support us newbies!! I'm beyond grateful!

So to answer my sunshine questions, here are a few tidbits about what makes me, me!

Favorite colorPink pink, and pink! I'm so girly to the core. However, pink is followed closely by yellow. I always like things better with yellow, it's just so bright and cheery.

Favorite animal:  I could never decide between dogs and cats. One dog and two cats live in my house -- that would be like trying to pick a favorite child! (To the Right: Cooper, Harper, and Gizmo make an appearance on the blog!)

Favorite number:  24, I like even numbers, and my birthday is January 24th. 

Favorite drinks:  coffee, iced coffee, sweet tea, diet coke, wine (when needed) hah! :) and more coffee.

Facebook or Twitter:  Facebook all the way. My life is not interesting enough for Twitter! 

My passion: My faith, Loving people, Teaching, and my newly found blogging passion!

Giving or receiving:  Giving -- Not because I want to sound like I don't like getting gifts,  Oh my who doesn't?! I'm just one of those strange people that gets that "high" off of giving things to people! Maybe that's my love language!?...hmm :)

Favorite day:  Oh, Fridays all the way! 

Now, to nominate someone else for the Sunshine award....

I'm sure she has already been nominated, but she was my first follower and will always have a special place in my blogging heart! :)


TravelingTeacher said...

HI! Thanks for stopping by my blog-I appreciate it! Your blog is super cute and I can already see a few things I can learn from you-the signature for a start (how'd you do that?)

I am excited to hear about your student teaching experiences!

Tales from a Traveling Teacher

primary practice said...

Hi Molly. I found your blog through Kristin's A Teeny Tiny Teacher blog. Love your blog name and header!

Stacy said...

well...shoot!! I am posting on your award post that I am giving you this award. OH well...that just means you deserve TWO! I gave you the Sunshine Award! Come by and check it out!

Lisa said...

I have a Gizmo too!!!!! He's my old man Pomeranian. He's the ultimate lap-dog, who is laying beside me snoring as I type!

I'm pretty sure my love language is giving also. I read the book several years ago, and completely identified myself as a giver!! :)

Hop over to Live Laugh and Love to Learn to check out my Gizmo

Malarie said...

Congratulations on your award! Your blog is super cute and I love your ideas! Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday! It's always fun to meet new blogging buddies :)