Sunday, May 6, 2012

Moving Right Along

Happy May Friends!! Obviously it has come up on me quick since my last post was the April currently! Man does time fly or what?! I am officially done with student teaching, officially done with all school work, and have officially graduated!! Praise the Lord! 

Now first grade planning is in full swing! When I say full swing what I really mean is...the overwhelmed, list-making, post-its everywhere, bags overtaking my house, version of myself is in full swing. Can I just tell you that there are a lot of different ways to decorate a classroom. A. LOT. I have been stalking all of your blog archives from back in August and September to see your classroom pictures! These have helped so, SO much! You all have some beautiful spaces let me tell you.

I've been through many ideas with this whole decorating classroom adventure. First it was going to be everything lady bug themed, then bright neon colors, then it was going to be everything black, white, yellow, and red, then it was going to be everything turquoise with red and white stripes. PHEW! My brain was exhausted. I'm happy to say that I came to my senses and have decided to take the obvious route: Just be myself. And here's something about me, I love me some color. Bright colors. Primary, neon, and all the other color-y kinds! So, I've decided, I will be buying bright colored things, decorating with bright colors, (not getting too crazy, of course) and crossing my fingers that it all comes together!

This sounds so simple as I sit here and write it out, but this place is going to be my home away from home and I just have to love it. (Thus the be myself decision) :) I would love to know your inspirations for decorating your classrooms. Do you have a theme like everything frogs? Do you just do bright colors? Do you think I'm being crazy or is it that important to you too?!


Cupcake said...

When I first started, I was all about finding a "theme," and then I quickly realized I liked too much to stick with a room full of one thing.. I'm all about COLOR, too, and basically whatever looks pretty and cute!! So my classroom theme is just that.. colorful and cute. Just be you!
A Cupcake for the Teacher

Chrissy said...


My classroom walls are painted with an outdoor mural--sky, clouds, rolling hills with grass, animals, trees, a rainbow. It is very pretty, but I must keep everything on bulletin boards (not allowed to put anything on a wall!). My best advice? Cover all boards with the same paper (I used blue.) and the same border. This cut down on the visual noise and allowed the children's work to shine!


Chrissy said...

This weekend, I have lost the ability to spell, lol!
Again, congratulations!

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Hallebose said...

Congrats on graduating.